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Jakamo Video Tutorials

All published video guides are located on the page of the topic in hand. In other words, video guides about orders can be found on the Order pages. All the videos published are also presented on this page.

Videos are located in three categories, based on the purpose. Videos under Dailies headline include videos for all users for daily use of Jakamo. Videos under Admins cover the administrative use of Jakamo. These are mostly meant for users with Company Admin roles. Jakamo explainer videos are for all Jakamo users to discover Jakamo as a product. Also check out Jakamo's YouTube channel.


1. Video about basic Jakamo use, like dashboards, tasks, orders, etc.​

Recommended for new Jakamo users get familiar with Jakamo.

2. Video about adjusting the notifications settings in Jakamo​

If You receive too much or too few emails from Jakamo, this video helps you manage your notification settings.

3. Video about choosing your favorite Apps shown on the left menu in Jakamo​

If there are certain Apps you use daily with your business partners in Jakamo, you can select those Apps to be only visible to you in the left navigation bar to make it easier to find the Apps you use most actively.

4. Video about confirming an order in Jakamo​

Confirming the Order in the Jakamo user interface. Recommended for new Jakamo users.

5. Video how ASN functionality works​

Get to know how to create an ASN message in Jakamo.


1. Video about adding new users and managing existing users in your company's Jakamo account​

2. Video about creating business relationships with other companies in Jakamo​

Learn how to either invite new Jakamo companies to Jakamo or how to connect with existing Jakamo companies.

3. Video about creating a company account to Jakamo​

This might be useful for your suppliers or other companies you wish to register with Jakamo.

Jakamo explainers​

1. Jakamo explainer video with subtitles​

See how the modern manufacturing companies are collaborating globally in Jakamo Ecosystem.

2. How Jakamo works - Introduction and short overview​

See how to establish an exceptional supplier experience with Jakamo Platform.

Help & Support

Didn't you find what you were looking for? Send an email to Jakamo support ( and we will help you.